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Dave is an experienced student leader and advisor on the campus, state, and national levels.  He served both in student government for four years while in college and also as the International President of a collegiate service organization, Circle K International.  He was a professional staff lobbyist for a state student government association and served as a state level advisor for 18 years of the Georgia District of Circle K International.

Put together your own agenda for your Campus Organization Leadership Training program, two hours, a half-day, full-day, or over several days! Booking Dave will not break the bank – check out his Affordable Pricing Model for a quote! Click on his calendar to find a date for your school!

Here are the titles of Dave’s programs and sessions; click on “more about this program” for descriptions of each, along with Learning Outcomes:

Risk Leadership for Campus Organizations

While you cannot prevent every bad thing from happening, you can prepare your members to recognize situations that could cause problems and how to deal with them should the worst occur.

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Playing Well With Others: Dealing with Conflict and Drama

Do you know how to deal with conflict and drama in organizations and relationships? What do you do about the haters?

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Confidence In Leadership: Finding Your Purpose and Focus

One of the most important attributes employers look for in a potential employee, people look for in a mate, and organizations need in leaders is confidence!

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Secrets of Motivation and Delegating Authority

Delegation can be one of the hardest things for student leaders to master. Too often they take the approach that it is just easier to do it themselves…

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Parliamentary Procedure for Student Leaders

Parliamentary procedure is intended to facilitate discussion and protect the rights of the minority voice in debate. This presentation can be very in-depth for those groups that require it or just hit the highlights for organizations that want to run their meetings right, but don’t get too caught up in all of the mechanics of procedure.

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Sample Agenda for Campus Organization Leadership Training

Click here to see a sample agenda of how you can assemble a great training program for the leaders of your campus clubs and organizations!

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Closing the Sale: Recruiting Tons of Students for Campus Organizations

Your students will learn the techniques, tips, and tricks that Dave employed as a state advisor for a collegiate service organization to recruit more than 10,000 students into membership!

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Membership Retention: Keeping Students Engaged and Involved in Campus Organizations

Show your students how to engage members with effective involvement techniques and learn the key features of retention that will keep them coming back.

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Fun & Exciting Meetings

Have you ever been to a meeting that was boring or unproductive? What makes those meetings boring or unproductive?

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Officer Roles, Responsibilities and Transitions

Officer transitions in most campus organizations usually involve the out-going board waving goodbye as they run out the door! Effective transitions can make all the difference between success and a year of reinventing the wheel.

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Serving Leadership for Students

Your students will be excited to get involved in community service, develop their leadership skills, and understand the importance of putting the team first as a leader.

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Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”

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